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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Have absolutely no idea how Wednesday has crept around so fast again but here it is and for the second week in a row I'M HERE TOO!!!!  For those unfamiliar with our special Wednesdays and the wonderful world of WOYWW'ing it is the day we share our workdesks with fellow bloggers and have the opportunity of seeing crafty going's-on all over the world! Julia is to blame and links to loads of other workspaces can be found HERE

So to my own workdesk ... rather different this week because I am making some sugarpaste flowers for a cake and hope to have them all made by the end of today so I can colour and wire them up tomorrow.

Desk is a little blank as I've not yet really got going this morning having had a rotten night stressing about the flowers!  Didn't go to bed until midnight but woke at 2.10am and then 3.20am and 4.40am whenI finally gave up and played Angry Birds on my mobile until 5.30am ... nodded off and managed to sleep until 6.45am so my mood is not the greatest at the moment!

The roses hanging up need further layers of petals and will eventually be dusted pink:
And on the tray are loads of little filler flowers ... baby orchids, sweet peas, ivy leaves and tiny carnations ... haven't yet decided if the sweet peas and carnations will be pink or left white ... am favouring white at the moment!

I will post a photo' of the flowers wired up all ready for the cake once I've got it to that stage.

Thought I might send this card to the playground that is  PIXIE'S SNIPPETS... the idea being you make a card containing, er, a snippet of something you had left-over ... a bit of ribbon or lace or an off-cut of paper etc.,  Well this whole card was made from bit's and pieces I had left over from a previous, similar card ... I did order new papers and cardstock but it didn't arrive in time so I had to "make do" with what I had.  I was asked to make this card by Nicola, one of the nephew's girlfriends - she hasn't seen it yet so a nervous wait until she does!

It is one of my fold-out-tag-card-booklet thingies and has 6 little tags inside ... the last tag is left blank for Nicola to sign!


  1. Ooh, white, white for the flowers, I agree - they all look so ethereally beautiful! Your accordion book is absolutely gorgeous, and it's lovely to see all the tags in close-up, beautiful project! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  2. ah a very busy post, Bette, and love the flowers. I so know what that waking up like that is like but yet to play angry birds!! :D no good at those games.. and loooove the card - dont be nervous, Shaz in Oz.x #4

  3. beautiful flowers
    Happy WOYWW Mrs.C #46 {i think?!}

  4. Thank you for your visit today, Debbie. I do admire anyone who can ice and decorate a cake like that. I draw the line at a snow scene on the Christmas cake, that is my limit. Have a good week. xx Maggie #37

  5. Love the accordion book, and the flowers for your cake are gorgeous. I'm with you on the white, too.I'm with you on the constantly waking up too- I actually found it easier to sleep with my arm splinted! Now its off, I keep lying on it, that makes it ache, which wakes me up! About every 20 minutes. Trouble is, its the right arm, and I usually sleep on that side, so I keep turning onto it- Oh well. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz xx#65

  6. Wow - those flowers you're making are absolutely fabulous Debbie!

    I love the card too - it's just perfect. Well done on managing to follow my little 'how-to' right to the letter, it worked brillaintly. Two goes on the swings for you :)

    Hugs, Di xx #41 on WOYWW today

  7. Lovely flowers - I am intrigued by your process there!

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  8. Your card is absolutely gorgeous...if she doesn't love it, there may just be something wrong with her...seriously! I would love to see how your flowers turn out. I am visiting from WOYWW.

    Julie #134

  9. why on earth wouldnt Nicola love that card, it's a beauty, and made from snippets, you're too good!! I used to do the flowers too and I'm admiring your work very much. I stopped doing them, found it caused me too much stress in the end...specially when you actually see the cake on display only to discover that some mug has damaged the flowers or lace edgings. Argh!

  10. Beautiful accordian book. Your work is so lovely.

  11. Welcome to your second time at WOYWW. I'm amazed at your cake flowers AND your super fold-out tag card. My goodness, that's adorable and a lot of work! How could she not love it!!

    Thank you so much for visiting the Playhouse and following; I've returned the flavor! Glad to have you along on the ride!!

    Have a wonderful week! Darnell #64

  12. Love the white flowers, the card and all the tags. So fun!!

    Sorry I am a day late. Fighting the nasty flu.
    Lori #84

  13. Love all the flowers you are making and your tag card is brilliant – I have not shared my desk this week as am busy looking after my friends cattery but am enjoying looking at everyone else craftiness – Have a great week

  14. Love what you've made here. Happy playing in the snow over at the Snippets Playground.

    Here's a snowball coming atcha!

  15. What a wonderful idea for a very special card!

  16. Hi Debbie

    Wow!! What brilliant makes.

    Fantastic sugar paste flowers happening there .. .. I hope we get to see the final result. You must have an abundance of patience as well as talent!

    Great tag card too. Very inspirational and so very special.

    Hope you are having a good weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  17. A very good use of those snippets of left-overs for that card, Debbie. Oh yes, I am still fed up with this snow still falling on us. I want to get up to Derby to have our Christmas cuddles with our two granddaughters up there. The Norovirus stopped Christmas this year, and the snow has stopped it this last week, so I think I am justified in being fed up of it. xx Maggie