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Wednesday, 30 January 2013


So why am I showing you my Oh So BORING workdesk today I hear you ask?  Because it is all the WONDERFUL Julia's fault over at the Stamping Ground who came up with the idea that a What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday would be a great way of seeing what fellow crafter's are up to!
After a simply rotten night's sleep I am not up to much BUT have got to get started on my cards for February - the first three of which MUST be posted on Friday ... no pressure then, and, more alarmingly, NO MOJO!!!!!

So what can you see on my desk ... firstly a little "Spot the WOYWW Badge" game ... gold star to you if you find it.  You can just about see the list of cards I have to make for this year ... being mojo-less I am finding it a bit daunting so have it partially hidden under three (three cards to post on Friday remember!) embossed designs I did last night knowing I wouldn't be able to face my lightbox this early in the morning.  My much loved Glossy Accents are lurking close at hand and my Tim ***sigh*** Holtz distress inks ... odd name that, but very appropriate for my current state of mind ... DiStReSsEd! Or is that just stressed ... either way works for me.
Martha Stewart punch in the front of the picture and laptop very close at hand for when the no-mojo fizzles into absolutely-definitely-no-mojo.
The bright orange folder waaaayyyyy out of reach is my quizzing folder ... which I must not - MUST NOT - touch until I have these cards made!
So Happy WOYWW'ing everyone and enjoy browsing the world of craftland today as you share your desk and visit those of others ... those others to be found HERE


  1. I think you're putting yourself under too much pressure to do the cards...kick back a bit, browse some sketch sites and have a play for a bit..the mojo will squeeze past the time pressure in your head and you'll be off! I think the list is bloomin scarey too - argh, break it into months at least!!

  2. I never list out the cards I need for the year - but maybe that's why I sometimes forget till the last minute - anyhow, hope you find the mojo and get them done. your badge is inside the roll of tape... have a good day. Helen, 9

  3. Yes, I found it in the roll of tape too! I've got a lot of inspiration lately from Pinterest- its amazing how many good, and not too time consuming, designs people have posted up. Best thing is you pin them to your own boards, and you can go back & have a look at all the cards/designs you liked in one place. Have a great day, Hugs, Shaz xx #69

  4. Lack of sleep killed my mojo most of this month, so I feel your pain!! Yesterday was the first time I created something this year!! Oy! Get some rest and you'll be itching to get busy!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  5. I feel for you three cards by Friday is a tall order for any of us I wish you lots of luck and inspiration for those. thanks for sharing
    Ria #44

  6. I notice that Shaz has mentioned Pinterest. You could also follow the link below, and sign up for the newsletter. It gives different suggestions of things to do.

    The other idea is to clear through all your stash and resort it. You will be amazed at what you find and the ideas you get to use it up. Thank you for your visit today and don't rush those cards. xx Maggie #11

  7. Coming here on Thursday - busy stitching yesterday - I hope your mojo returned, I looked everywhere but couldn't find it. Thanks to Helen I found the badge tho

  8. Well I'm late again this week, but I understand the mojo thing--sometimes it works to just start making something. Backgrounds always get me going again!

    late again to the party,
    #163--but not last this week!
    Happy WOYWW!!

  9. I wish I could find my glossy accents! I can't find them anywhere! I hope you find your mojo soon. :-) April #101

  10. Hi Debbie

    Hopefully Mr Mojo appeared from under your lovely workdesk and you got your first three cards crossed off your list!

    I never list out the cards that "I" need .. .. but have multiple lists on the go that "other people need" LOL!!

    Hope you were pleased with how the cake tasted last weekend

    Love Jules xx