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Friday, 4 January 2013

Quiet confusion

Well, I have no idea what has happened to my blog but it sure doesn't look how I remember leaving it!  That will teach me to stay away so long and not update as regularly as I would really like to!
I've just found the cable-thingy (I don't do cables) in order to get some photo's from my mobile and onto here but it took me so long to even find my blog I've exhausted myself.  Searched high and low for the thing (the cable as well as my blog) only to find it left plugged into the USB hub-thingy (I don't do hub-thingies either) ... might have a cuppa and see if I can remember how to download/upload/offload the photographs!
Watch this space and I might just be back.
Or not.
Oh and a very VERY happy new year to one and all and wishing you lots of time to craft and create!

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