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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Today's the day

Well, it's done, boxed up and ready for a 1pm delivery and I feel sick I am so nervous about it!!!  Today is party day and The Cake will be doing its thing tonight.  Managed to get a better photo' of it rather than the one of it nestling in the box and, oh my golly-goodness how I hope they like it.

Doesn't show up here (due to my very poor photography skills!) but the bottom tier is the palest shell pink with a white frill and the top tier is white with a shell pink frill ... just wish I'd thought to make the doves on the top tier pink but only made white ones and then realised my error. 
Flowers all hand-made in sugar paste but not really edible as they are wired and by the time I've finished messing around with them probably taste simply awful.
Now just to await The Verdict and all this stress can be over!


  1. Wow Debbie!!!

    How could anyone not like it .. .. it is truly wonderful.

    Gosh you are so very, very talented and must have an abundance of patience.


    Love Jules xx

  2. Oh ye of little faith - it's absolutely STUNNING Debbie! Bound to be a huge hit, if anyone can bear to cut into it of course. And doves are white so I think you did right :) Hugs, have fun! Di xx

  3. Debbie, that is truly awesome! The hours of work that must have taken to get something so incredible, I can't begin to imagine. Those flowers and frills are so delicate looking, and I agree with Di, doves should be white. I love the way the top tier is offset,it gives the whole thing a perfect balance. Way to go, Debbie, Hugs Shaz xx

  4. Debbie, you should take this up as a business. It is a really talent to be able to create such glorious art on a cake. I am with Shaz and Di, doves should always be white so that is perfect. If the recipients don't love this, then they have no taste at all. it is stunning. I can't even do a bit of flat icing. In fact, with my Christmas cake, I deliberately rough it up so that it looks deliberate (if you know what I mean). Cakes like that cost a fortune to buy, so go for it. Make your hobby work for you. xx Maggie

  5. Beautiful cake Debbie and I thought it looked really nice in the box too! I enjoy making cakes but don't have the patience to make such a detailed gorgeous cake! Thanks for sharing it!

  6. Hi Debbie, What a work of art! Gorgeous cake..This must have taken you ages... I'm sure it will be a mega hit... Hugs May x x x

  7. That is gorgeous! Such lovely details, I am sure they loved it.

  8. Your cake looks brilliant with all these details and flowers! I'm sure they love it. Nice to find out you are a WOYWW too, and you are making cards and doing cross stitching too. Thanks for visiting me. Bye, Franka

  9. Wow Debbie .......... Your cake is stunning. I love the flowers and doves. This takes lots of skill and patience.

    I have only ever made Christmas cake otherwise it's fruit loaves, scones and shortbread. I made all three in the one day a few months ago and my husband was going to phone for the doctor !!

    I am sure you will make Friday's post

    Annie x

  10. Oh Debbie, what a beautiful cake! You are a very talented lady and the flowers look so realistic x