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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Finnabair's Angelica

Taken me a while but I FINALLY plucked up the courage to tackle my Angelica kit from the workshop I knew I would not be able to attend ... I went ahead and paid for my place anyway just so I could get my kit for Finnabair's project

You can't imagine for one moment the utter surprise and shock that followed the workshop when the organiser - the simply wonderful Sue Tucker messaged me to say Finnbair wanted me to have the piece she did in the workshop as a gift ...

ME!  Little old Debbie with an Anna Dabrowska original
I was, literally, reduced to tears and shaking

Anna has not only been a total inspiration for me since I came across her work
but a good friend too - never failing in her support and encouragement
and I hear her in my head all the time - not just when making art but in my daily life too as she has shared the odd snippet of her own life during the many workshops I have now done with her 

So with lots of 
"Why not'"
"You stopped too soon!"
"Just keep going"
"Don't judge it until it is finished"

And a lot of hints and tips from my friends Lisa & Vicky that were there on the day - and my fabulous gift from Anna by my side I managed to do my own Angelica (with thanks, too, to Chris Cresswell for the face)

Thank you Anna for your gift - forever to be treasured and thank you for allowing me to have your kit even though I (broken heartedly) could not attend the workshop.  Thank you for everything you do and, most importantly, thank you just for being you.

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  1. It’s karma Debbie darling - you give love, you get love. And you do give love, it’s such a speciality of yours. I love your Angel, the blues are beautiful and heavenly and the detail is extraordinary! Long live Finnabair and her inspiration for you!