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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Finnabair's Moonlight

As soon as I saw Finnabair's Moonlight workshop I knew I just HAD to do it
booked in for February when she was bringing the classes to Bournemouth
but the workshops were cancelled ... oh, the disappointment!!!!

Figured I had attended enough of her classes now to at least have a go using her design as TOTAL inspiration
knew I'd be ok with all the techniques
but not the colouring - have had to wing it there

also knew I did not want to make a direct copy of her design which was done on a tall rectangular canvas ... if in a workshop I'd have done EXACTLY what she did ... if Finn sticks something in a certain position then I do the same
a way of learning that I have found works for me - I take her workshops to produce pretty much what she does but then bring home all I have learnt to adapt for myself

This piece is very much an adaptation of her wonderful piece  - which you can see here Finnabair's Moonlight on her blog if you are interested

I did struggle (so what's new!) getting this one even remotely to anything resembling what I had in my head
and is one of the pieces mentioned in my "Shells" post below this one that i threw across the room a few time 
but I kept at it and by removing a storey from one of the houses it kinda, sorta came together

So I finally got to do Moonlight ... just not with Finn

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