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Monday, 2 July 2018

SHELL we do a little crafting?

Sat here like a lemon (some will say nothing new there then!) failing miserably at getting any ideas in my head to even start to work out
three projects attempted - well, bits from cupboard & placed here and there
tipped off to be replaced here and somewhere else
but nothing working out and frustration levels rising and fragile emotions taking over

Then I remembered my large scallop shell
only problem being is shells are not really my thing
but it was either a case of skulk back upstairs utterly defeated or just go with it

So I just went with it
despatched hubby down the garden to rescue some teeny-weeny shells I knew were in the drawer of the caravan 

Not really my cup of tea although others are seeming to like it but at least I managed to make something & it has kick started my confidence to tackle those previously elusive and abandoned projects

Products used:
Finnabair Art Basics : Heavy Body Gel / 3D Gloss Gel / Soft Gloss Gel
13Arts Ayeeda Mist : Chalk Turquoise/ Pastel Cinnamon / Pastel Caramel
Pastel Antique Cream / Chalk White 
Lindy's Starburst Spray : Frozen Jack Frost
Finnabair Art Extravagance Glitter : Carribean Seas
Finnabair Art Extravagence : Art Stones / Mini Art Stones
Finnabair Art Ingredients Mica Flakes : Gold Leaf
Finnabair Art Ingredients Art Sugar : Light Pink / White
Finnabair Art Alchemy Wax : Opal Magic Vintage Silk
Twiggy bits - no idea what they are called


  1. That’s so beautiful Debbie, something outside your comfort zone and you still make it look wonderful ! X

  2. Beautiful, and so on trend. Well done. Thank you for the inspiration

  3. Beautiful. The beach is so on trend at the moment. Thank you for the inspiration