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Thursday, 12 July 2018

When it all goes horribly wrong

Started out quite enthusiastically with this one
but that soon fizzled

Had Finabair's Patina Effect Paste set for a long time now
but never got around to using them
was booked to do her "Poetry of Patina" workshop but that was one of the projects that went by the book when the workshops were cancelled

So I thought I would just wing it
stupid Debbie
so am using this as a lesson in Learning To Live with A Disaster
(did actually bin it, but got told off by husband dearest)

Have even hung it on the wall and it doesn't look too bad
from a distance
without my glasses

Started off with a bit of old fence panel
gesso'd it white and did the sticking of random bits & bobs thing
all was looking ok at this point
although that butterfly bothered me from the start

Gesso'd it all white again
and then lost the plot

The patina set just not my cup of tea
which was a huge disappointment
but I guess it's ok not to like every product available
I am a HUGE fan of Finnabair's original rust paste set and use pots and pots of it - would rust up everything if I could

In the end I covered up more of the blue than intended
and added some darker blue using wax

Quite like the bit on the far left!!!

BUT ...
at least I have managed to create another project this week
after the wilderness months since Christmas when artwork of any description was impossible

Products used:
All Finnabair (Prima Marketing)

Art Basics Heavy White Gesso
 Art Basics 3D Gloss gel
Art Basics Soft Gloss Gel
Art Extravagance Rust Past Effect (Brown/Red/Gold)
Art Extravagance Patina Effect Paste (Blue/Mint Green/Brass)
Art Alchemy Antique Brilliance Wax - Red Amber/Mystic Turquoise
Art Alchemy Metallique Wax - Rich Copper/Vintage Gold
Art Extravagance Glitter Set - Luminous (just used the brown)

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