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Wednesday, 18 July 2018


Ok hands up ... I am cheating
but at least I am here!

The observant amongst you will recognise the piece of work on my desk and know I have already blogged it as, yes, this is last week's desk

Had the photo all ready to join in with the weekly blog-hop that takes place over at The Stamping Ground and courtesy of the simply wonderful and vrey much loved Julia but it was already Thursday by the time I realised Wednesday had come and gone so I missed the boat
considered posting very late on the Thursday but figured if I was late I might as well be very late ...so here I am ... on time but also late!

To remain true to the blog-hop I have also added a photo of my desk right now so you can see not much has changed ... a new photo' of great-nephew Henry as they finally managed to get his hair cut just in time for the wedding and his beautiful, handsome face emerged from under the mop of hair

The spanners are not a project ... well, the smaller one might be but the large one is acting as a counter-weight to stop my board from tipping forward as I have to pull it a good four inches off the edge of my desk in order to work more comfortably.  
They were daddy's spanners so the weepies often come calling as I have not yet quite gotten my head around him not being here and spanners and such were, well, they were just daddy

Will stop there or this post will take me on a trip down a road I don't wish to travel today

Will blog this next photo' separately too but is a small project I managed to do on Monday - the least said about yesterday the better as it was a rotten old day ... and I fully aim on today being a whole lot better!

Inspired by Finnabair who did a project on clear perspex/acrylic - but all will be explained in a separate post as I really should only show you my desk today 

Happy WOYWW'ing fellow bloggers


  1. Hi Debbie, lovely to see you here again. Love the project you made, it's gorgeous. Look after yourself my lovely friend, Have a lovely week,Love & Hugs, Shaz #4 XxXx

  2. Hi Debbie, glad you made it this week. Love the project on acrylic, will have to try and check back for the step by step. Your great nephew looks most handsome dressed up for the wedding. Have a good week. Sarah #16

  3. So lovely to see you! And your desk looks wonderful - I love the use of the spanners for all the reasons...and because they are so fitting on the table of a lady who likes to use so much metal! Gorgeous pic of the baby boy, the Perspex idea is lovely.

  4. Hi Debbie, lovely to see you, I really love your project on acrylic, its beautiful. Take Care
    Happy WOYWW Jan x

  5. regardless of which week you're joining in, it is lovely to see you back and crafting too! Henry is a very cute little boy, no wonder you are besotted! Helen #1

  6. Love the look of the cogs and butterfly piece. Thanks for sharing. Caro x (#31)

  7. Hi Debbie, good to see you. Great project on the Perspex and love the spanners, very useful as a weight. Have a lovely creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x11x

  8. Hi Debbie, what beautiful projects hidden within the photographs and those photographs are the sweetest. I remember the tussles with having hair cut with my boys.. Glad they are all grown now and can decide their own hair cuts. Thanks for sharing WOYWW take care Tracey #7

  9. You do some gorgeous work Debbie and these are no different. I love the spanners too and Julia's comment about them made me smile. Henry looks very smart with his new haircut!
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx