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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Liebster Blog Award

At last I have got round to accepting the Liebster Blog from the oh, so kind   Polly Polkadot  who picked me as one of  her recipients! 

It has taken me a while to pick five ... was really hard to choose ONLY five ... blogs to pass it on to so here goes:

1. Silver Crafter - First on my list has to be Maggie C! Without her I simply would not have a blog as it would still be lost in cyberspace somewhere. A "real-life" friend whom I knew crafted but did not know blogged ... until one day she just happened to mention it and I have plagued her eversince for help.  THANK YOU Maggie!
2. Silver Wolf Cards - Shaz was my first "follower" and I almost fell off my chair when she left me that first comment.  I never thought for one moment anyone would want to follow my blog and the fact that she did just encouraged me to keep going.
3. Seaside Art - I just love Franka's work so much.  Very much to my taste and a blog I just love browsing.
4. Sunshine Girl - Almost made it to Nicki's "What housework" crops but never quite plucked up the courage to go along.  Someone else who produces work I admire.
5. Yorkshire Fox - Another TH fan and whose work I love.  Another blog I am happy just to browse.

Now you have to fulfill the conditions of the Liebster Award and pass it on and these are the rules:
1. Pick FIVE blogs you like - they should have less than 200 followers and be up and coming.
2. Link to the person who gave you the award, and to those you wish to pass it on to, and let everyone know so it can keep rolling.


  1. I knew you could do it! Now you'll be showing us all the other places you'd like us to visit on the web.

  2. Thank you for your award, I really appreciate it. And it's great you want to follow me. Hope you find some inspiration now and then. Sorry I'm a little late, hope you have a crafty week. Bye, Franka

  3. Well done Bette and all the other ladies and totally agree on your sentiments of the ladies above too well done all of you and great blog Bette and Maggie, Shaz in oz.x PS have yet to find someone here who blogs all people I know who blog are online!

  4. ...Thankyou so much Bette for awarding me...it's nice to know you like what I do...i've been quiet of late as so busy at work but hope to get back on track soon...have a lovely weekend...Mel :)