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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Home again

Well, here I am home from my little winter-wonderland birthday holiday ... always wanted to see Glen Coe in the *s*n*o*w* so booked to come away for my birthday only to find folk here at home texting me all the time we were travelling north saying how much it was *s*n*o*w*i*n*g* here!!!!  
I did nod off as we crossed the border into  Scotland and woke to find myself in Narnia so I did get to see some *s*n*o*w* on my actual birthday but it was short-lived and we soon drove out of it.  Never mind, I said to myself, there is bound to be more in Glen Coe.
There wasn't.
Not a flake.  
Oh, plenty up on the hills and mountain tops but not a flake at ground level. A couple of really heavy frosts set the winter-wonderland mood and snuggled in the log cabin had me pretending I was in Switzerland (but without the flying) and little marshmallows in my hot chocolate had me doing the Apres Ski bit (but without the skiing) so all was good!
A long nine hour drive yesterday saw us home again and my first post-holiday blog brought news that the very dear and kind Polly Polkadot has given me a Liebster Award!  Got to admit I am grinning from ear to ear and just absolutely over the moon ... especially as it must, surely, put paid to hubby's raised eyebrows whenever I mention my little blog.  He still doesn't "get it" and still suspects all the pageviews are down to me re-visiting myself over and over again.
Now all I need to do is figure out how to put the award on my blog ... first attempt has failed miserably so poor Maggie C may well be getting an Email asking for advice.  You have been warned Maggie!
Will be crafting tomorrow ... news reached me of a new little baby girl arriving in the world so plan on making a card ... plus one for her new Grandma so shall be lost in a world of pink and white tomorrow.
Happy blogging everyone and many thanks once again to POLLY POLKADOT for that award ... am going back to check it's for real and I've not imagined it!  


  1. I beat you, the email is on its way. If you have a problem, ring me as it is easier to talk you through it while I have my computer in front of me. xx Maggie

  2. I am delighted I could spread such good cheer! Don't panic about passing it on, sometimes these things arrive in a busy week, and it takes a while to sort it all out. - It might be easier to wait until after the washing has been done, and WOYWW has been dealt with.