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Thursday, 2 February 2012

New Stuff

Was a little reluctant to post again so soon but then realised this is MY blog so I can post just as often as I bloomin' well want ... so here I am!  It's a great way of talking to yourself without actually getting locked up and, hey, more often than not someone answers you too!!!!!
My new "stuff" arrived yesterday ... my best friend asked if there was anything I would like for my birthday as she was stuck for ideas ... silly woman, of course there is something I would like!  She got me two gorgeous Texture Fades embossing folders by you-know-who, and whilst ordering my fingers must have slipped on the keyboard because somehow hubby managed to get me the clocks/gears Texture Fades as they also found their way into my order.  Er, as did two On The Edge dies ... the StEaMpUnK one and one of the Brackets.  I figured I needed some compensation for turning 52!
Won't be able to WOYWW next week as I shall be enjoying a little Apres Ski in Scotland ... that is hot chocolate with those little dinky marshmallows and a flake and absolutely no skiing or flying to get there involved!  Sounds perfect to me although there isn't actually any *S*N*O*W* at ground level at the moment but plenty up on the hills and mountains ... that, and a heavy frost, will do it for me!


  1. ah yes it is your blog and hey when a guirl has great news to share you go for it girls and believe you me I know from weather reports I have heard it's probably will be well and truly freezing up there, if not snowing at least very frosty - have heard mention of -10...now 25 here and lovely and sunny which is grand! thanks Lord! Shaz in oz.x

    1. Got to say I am more a -10 girl than a 25 degree girl! Am a winter person through and through. Rang the people who we have booked the log cabin with and they said the people staying there this week were off snowboarding! Sounds good to me ... not actually doing the snowboarding but, oh, you get my drift! xXx

  2. There is no way you would get me out in the caravan until things have warmed up a lot. I do not do cold or too much wet. Wet and snowy dogs in the caravan would be among my worst nightmares. That said, have a lovely tip and take plenty of gas, blankets etc. xx Maggie

  3. I always talk to myself....that way I get the right answers!!

  4. Great new stash - that should keep you busy until your holiday. Enjoy Scotland, and thanks for visiting the Cupboard. ikki

  5. hmmph, shouting at your loyal followers? is that the way to treat us? That was dangerous letting you order your own gift, I'm amazed you stopped where you did. Enjoy the break.

  6. I'm sure you have posted more recently than this? Anyway, I was just calling by to let you know that I have given you an Award over on my blog - I hope that is OK.