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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Visiting fellow bloggers

Thanks to hubby being at a committee meeting last night I managed to get around quite a few fellow WOYWW'ers last night.
I find it fascinating seeing how we all work with pretty much the same products but in such very different environments and locations and all produce such different work.
I always search your workdesks for anything Tim Holtzy and LoVe seeing the results from using his stuff and the words "distress inks" and "grunge" seem to leap from the page to me.
I enjoy seeing work that is not to my style or taste but which can trigger an idea and get the creative juices flowing - especially during times of Artistic Block or lack of mojo!
Probably no time to craft today - really annoying as I have lots and lots I want to be doing - but need to get ready for our little trip away!


  1. I love Ranger products but not into distressing so much, but his stickles rocks and I love his paper glaze too, not so much his candy rock glaze, still trying to figure that one out, but I'm willing! Joined your blog, one Ranger addict to another! waving hi from the hills of NC :)

    1. Hiya Sandee ... thanks SO much for joining my blog ... have joined yours too! Us Ranger fans have to stick together! Look forward to chatting again soon. Love Debbie xXx