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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ran out of steam

Oh dear, didn't accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped yesterday as I ran out of steam ... I fully blame Mr. Holtz for keeping me up until the wee small hours ... late nights always catch up with me a day or so later so I am not too hopeful for today either!
Can confirm both USB cable, mobile phone and coffee survived but I got told off by hubby!  "You need to be more careful" I was told.  Er, yeah, like I did it on purpose!!!
So I really need to focus today and get the rest of the cards done for March.
Please don't think I've forgotten about my Liebster Blog Award ... Maggie C has sent me wonderful instructions on how to get it onto my blog and right now I am trying to choose who to send it onto ... being dreadfully nosey it is a very time consuming process as I enjoy looking at all the blogs I visit ... bear with me and I will get round to it!
Now, what was I saying about focusing ...????

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  1. You will possibly sleep better tonight...fingers crossed. It is so easy to be distracted!