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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Am hopeful!

Ok ... so it is fairly early yet and time for the mood to change but today I am hopeful of getting some crafting done following the disaster that was yesterday when I achieved absolutely nothing!
I am going to follow Maggie C's advice and just play round with a Snippet for Pixie this week - that way I have no pressure on myself to produce cards to tick off the list and so can't fail when they all go pear-shaped and can just enjoy immersing myself in paper and sticky tape and just craft for the joy of it. If I produce a Snippet then fantastic and if I don't then I don't need to beat myself up over it.
Except, I would beat myself up, of course, as I hate being unproductive and hate it even more when what I have planned just doesn't work out.
Right then ... note to self: today is a play-day ... just go with the flow and see what you end up with.


  1. Morning Debbie...sometimes we put ourselves under pressure without even realising it and that in itself can set in motion a block on our creative flow...unless you have a deadline to keep walk away from your desk and get your mind on something else...your not on your own we all go through it...hope the sun's rays touch you today...Mel :)

  2. Go Debbie! Hotmail seems to be down right now but I'm here if you get stuck linking in - look forward to seeing your snippets make/makes! Di xx

  3. Go Go Go Debbie. Its a brand new day and I'm so glad you feel a bit more positive. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Huggles Rita xxx

  4. The main thing, Debbie, is that the only one putting pressure on you to create things is yourself. Most people just buy cards, and probably cheaper from markets etc. However, we do it for FUN, and should never forget the fun bit. Without fun and playing, there is no point to what we are doing. I do have to say, my fun vanished yesterday with the bee sting. In spite of that, I did put together the huge total of 20 cards, mostly from toppers already made, and some die cut decoupage, and some recycled Christmas cards. Just remember - FUN!!! xx Maggie

  5. Just go for it Debbie , sometimes you just have to start playing and then the whole world opens up .Have fun Hugs Elaine