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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Swings & Roundabouts

Yesterday certainly was a swings & roundabouts type of day ... and without knowing it I have subconciously put myself on those swings & roundabouts in Pixie's Snippets playground!  Managed to make two contributions to the cause but then, having a quick peep at past snippets, realised I'd totally lost the plot and just got carried away crafting.  Anyway, enough of that for now and will explain further when I find out what I should now do with them (I know what I'd like to do with them but the bin-men just came already!)
Now, to the painting on acetate fiasco ... had Another Go but had to admit defeat this time and binned all but a tiny snippet (hint, hint) as I couldn't get the paint to stick for some reason.  First time I tried this technique I worked too slowly I think and this time I think I was too fast ... will experiment further and try to find the middle ground.
Talking of experimenting - I have decided to have one day a month as "Experimental Day" ... not plan on actually producing anything but just have a play and take myself right out of my comfort zone and try new and different things.
My crafting has become very "safe & same-old, same-old" I feel and I need to diversify and develop new techniques.  But then again, a certain Mr. Holtz has a very distinctive style and his work is instantly recognisable so maybe I will just stick to "same-old, same-old" after all!


  1. Aw Debbie - I do hope you make it into the playground soon. No pressure, you only have to use one snippet in amongst whatever else you use - we have few rules, the main thing is to have fun :) Di xx

  2. I see you LURKING Debbie . . . I'm coming to fetch you . . . c'mon . . . give me your hand, we'll run into the playground together.

    I'll show you where the Reception Class is and then, when it's break time, I'll let you have a go with my skipping rope . . . it's FUN, honest!

    Show us your Snippet Card . . . we promise to love it to bits.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  3. You keep on experimenting, Debbie. It keeps you feeling fresh and stops your brain from stagnating when Mr Mojo goes walkabout. I would also say, don't show your cards to P if he is going to be so discouraging. Just remember that I am not keen on Tim Holtz (sorry folks, it is just me) but you are. You probably don't like all I do. No problem, we are all different. P would probably like them if they were covered with Landies. So come on, join us on the swings this week and have fun. Newbies get the chance to be milk monitor, putting the straws in the little milk bottles. xx Maggie