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Friday, 2 March 2012

He still doesn't get it

Hubby, that is.  Was absolutely tickled pink to get a couple of new followers this week ... was over the moon to be honest and quite flabbergasted and skipping around the house like a child on Christmas morning so was beaming like a Cheshire Cat when himself got home from work.
LOOK! I ordered, dragging him towards the laptop.  LOOK! and showed him my latest posting, followers, page views etc.,
"But what's the point of it all?" he asked, instantly deflating my bubble and bringing me back down to earth with a BuMp!
I tried to get across all our enthusiasm and love of crafting and the wonderful concept of Julia's  WOYWWing and how supportive and interested we are all of each other ... then I gave up trying.
For someone who has always felt S**T about herself and whom has never considered anything - ANYTHING - she has done to be remotely good enough, reading such wonderfully kind comments has been an incredible boost.  I can't tell you what a lift it gives me to read that I have "inspired" even one person to have-a-go at something or picked up on a little part of something I have done and found it pleasing.
I'm rambling today.  On a bit of a high finding a new follower to my blog this morning and that my page views continue to roll on and read such a lovely comment from someone and I made the mistake of ringing hubby at work to tell him.  "20 followers now and 1,573 page views" and I should have known better than to expect a positive reply.  Instead I got "how many do other people have?"  Back down to earth again with an even bigger BuMp as I had to admit to lots of bloggers having hundreds of followers and thousands of page views.
What is it they say about "pride coming before a fall" ... teach me to be bouyed by my little blog I guess.
Never mind, I know what he is like and love him anyway! I shall continue on with my dear LITTLE blog and shall most certainly dabble in this and that with my crafting ...
speaking of which, better go.  Nephew's girlfriend is putting together a scrapbook/album for him as a surprise but she has never crafted before and after raiding my collection of photo's and getting them printed out is now at a standstill.  
I gave her a beautiful album and she got herself some papers she liked and I said whatever I have in my craft cupboard she can use but she just text me in a panic saying she had just got her stuff out but just didn't know where to start.  After trying to advise her via text I said, "you'd better come round" ... not that I know much about scrapbooking having only ever done two ... and, of course, was never happy with either!
Still, what's better than a morning crafting, eh?


  1. I so recognize your happpiness about vieuws and comments! And also the reaction of your husband sounds familiar.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I did find the perfect book and if you really want to make an altered book you should think about joining us at http://alteredbooklover.blogspot.com/ It is fun!

  2. Scrapbooking is not my scene either - never tried it, other than sticking pictures cut from magazines and papers in a scrapbook when I was young. But I am sure you will have fun and there are loads of folks out there on the blog who will help if you need it. Thanks for your comments on my winter scene. Tell Phil that your blog is the same to you as his Landie is to him. That might put it into perspective for him, maybe. It is not how many followers have declared themselves either. There will be lots more who pop in regularly but never actually join officially. Enjoy your scrapbooking. xx Maggie

  3. Just got your comment on y Snippets cards. Touché! Wouldn't it be boring if we all liked the same things. That is what makes going round the blogs so much fun. xx Maggie