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Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Oh for goodness sake, how can it be Wednesday AGAIN!  I said to daddy only yesterday "considering Easter is early this year it surely is taking ages to get here" ... and then he told me off for wishing the year away!!!  Don't have to wish because it is happening right before my eyes.
Anyway, am rambling ... here is my very empty workdesk this week ... was hoping a die I had ordered would come yesterday - which it didn't - but it has been despatched so am quite expecting it this morning and then I can get going.  
I have Been Sensible and not rushed ahead in making some little "remembrance" tags to send in memory of lost loved ones.  I know (I think) where I am going with them but decided to wait before cutting them all out as I am not sure how large the little birdie will be ... I want to do a smaller tag than I normally prefer and have already printed out the little messages to go on them and used a Martha Stewart punch to make the edges pretty.  I could have got them all ready just to add the die-cut birds but didn't want them too big so the bird looked ridiculously small or vice-versa and the birdie be too large.  Hurry up postman!!!!!

OK ... you get two shots this week ... an overall view and a close up!  The cross-stitch patterns came yesterday and I am trying to decide which of the two "Lavender & Lace" angels to stitch first ... I said I wouldn't do any more of these designs as I have no wall space left to hang any more but whilst searching and searching for a new project to work on these just kept going "Pssssst" to me.  The other two little patterns are for Christmas and designs I was waiting to come back into stock so rather than leave it until nearer Christmas I thought I would order them now so not as to miss out again ... clever, eh?!?!?

You may be wondering what the meat-hammer is doing on my craftdesk ... I wanted to bash some brads and went to order Mr. H's little hammer but couldn't really justify spending that much money just to bash a few brads now and again.  I asked hubby if he had anything in the garage I could use and he suggested the meat-hammer ... not that the meat-hammer was in the garage!  It worked a treat and, as it rarely gets used in the kitchen, it might well not ever find its way back into the kitchen drawer!
You can also just about see the messages ready for the cards and a pile of blue card that I might use ... not quite sure if I want white tags with little blue-birds on them or blue tags with little white birds on ... decisions, decisions!  It is not easy being a crafter, is it?
The white A4 sheet on top of my adhesives box ... of course you have no idea it IS my adhesives box so you will just have to trust me here ... is my card list for this year and I am happy to report all the names under April are highlighted-out now and all the anniversary cards for this year and then all the "In Memory" cards should also be crossed off by tonight!  Progress, I think they call it.
Well, must get over to link this to the wonderful Julia's Stamping Ground which you will find HERE ... happy WOYWWing everyone!  


  1. Great idea to have a list like that, I might try that myself! #77

  2. Good idea to use the meat hammer, I'm all for saving money on unnecessary things too. Great list, you're very organised, I have a birthday list but that's about all. Hope the die turns up soon.

    Brenda 2

  3. Very nice craft room. I love Lavender & Lace kits too. Hugs Rita xx

  4. Very neat and tidy there. I like the look of the cross stitch kits. I have some to finish, not going to admit how long I've been on them!!!! Anne x

  5. I would have guessed that your DH would have something for hammering things, after all it is the best tool for a Landie (that and WD40). Glad you managed to find something you already had. Hope you have fun with those little cross stitches. I really need to finish some of mine off this year. However, it will not be this month, as I have the biggest group of cards to do for April and May. In fact, I send six off in one parcel to take care of one family group. Glad you like the stamp, it is rather special. We probably will not get to Eastnor after all, as Granddaughter's birthday party clashes and family does have to come first. Have a good week playing with your blue or white birds. xx Maggie #5

  6. Yep, a meat hammer is wasted in the kitchen and yep, the TH products are hideously over priced. I think if the Cross stiches were still talking to you, it would have been very rude not to! Hope your delivery arrives today!

  7. Most things are wasted in my kitchen! lol Hope goodies arrive soon. Thanks for sharing this WOYWW, It's Thursday and I'm still snooping through the list! Take care Zo xx 22

  8. I was a bit worried when I saw the meat hammer and then you said what you are using it for, but on reflection it does seem a good idea and far less expensive, just watch your fingers though......Regards, Anne #66

  9. well done on making progress on your list,i have one too,and the meat hammer means you can buy something crafty instead :)

  10. Looks like some lovely cards, and I am ALL for Use-What-You-Have, well done!!!!


  11. I'm still making my way 'round ... You are quite busy, but definitely making great progress. (Thanks for the tip on the meat hammer!) I hope your die came so you could finish all your remembrance tags. They sound like they will be quite lovely!