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Thursday, 8 March 2012

A good day's crafting

This week's WOYWW saw results and my workspace didn't stay that tidy for long at all.  Managed to get 8 cards done so that is 8 more ticked off the list for this year so the chaos was worth it!
Am enjoying continuing my butterflies/cogs theme for this year and faith in my Vagabond is slowly being resorted after the problems I had with it ... I just make sure I unplug it after using it each time which is a bit of a pain but better than a housefire!
Ventured WAY out of my comfort-zone and made a couple of really brightly coloured cards for people whom I know love bright colours but now I am itching to get back to my much more preferred grunge.
Oh, got some FaBuLoUs little StEaMpUnK watches on ebay last night ... all dreadfully stressful as I was in a bidding war!!!!!  Go Debbie! Go Debbie!  I got them for very, very silly money indeed ... just pence but as they are coming from Hong Kong the p&p had to be taken into account.  Still three little watches for just over £12 (watches themselves cost less than 20p for ALL THREE!!!!) ... I do need to get hold of one more as I want them for the nephews birthday cards this year so will have to head back to ebay at some point.
So for now, these are the cards made yesterday ... now safely stored and ready to post.


  1. If I see you at Easter, I will give you some lessons on how to get what you want without entering into a bidding war on EBay. Glad you got what you wanted. Have fun using them. xx Maggie

  2. You've reminded me, I've got a pink ballet leotard to fight for on ebay tonight!

  3. Brilliant stuff Debbie. I gave up bidding on eBay when I found out about 'sniping' software, it nips in right at the last knockings and pips everyone at the post :(

    How super if you meet up with Maggie, she's a star isn't she!

    Thanks so much for hopping in and commenting - any chance of a snippets card? The pogo sticks in the playground are all unused right now - Mrs A's leap into the duck pond seems to have put folk off for some silly reason :)


  4. Love the makes on your desk, Fabulous!! Just joined you as a follower this visit as you have some great makes on your lovely blog, Hugs May x x x x

  5. Wow, you were productive. i like the crisscrossed stitches on the cards!

  6. Thanks for popping in today. By the way, talcum powder is an essential if you want to do any heat embossing, as well as disguising the odd bit of misplaced glue. If you brush a light layer of powder over you card before you stamp, then it cuts down the amount of misplaced embossing powder speckles on the final piece of work. It stops the static that makes the powder cling to the wrong places. It is also essential if you are doing any gold leafing or gilding flakes (don't breather either with these two). If you rub a little over your hands, it stops the static and dries up the moisture in your hands that holds the god leaf or flakes. I also use it on my hands if I am doing any knitting or crocheting, especially if the weather or the room is hot. My essential things are also kitchen roll, baby wipes, tumble drier sheets - they lubricate parchment when you are dry embossing. You will usually find these four items somewhere near where I am working. While I am on, the way to bid on EBay is to put in your maximum bid, including post and packing, then wait for the last 5 seconds before pressing confirm. That way, you do not get into a bidding war, and do not pay over your maximum price, and always check if you could get it cheaper anywhere else first. If you do not get it, it will be because something better is waiting down the line for you. xx Maggie

  7. Hi Debbie thanks for reply and your recommendation re Vagabond. Didn't know you'd had a problem as such. I've heard various reviews about it. my birthday is dangerously close. Will need to let DH know soon what I would like. Anne x

  8. These are gorgeous Debbie i love them Hugs Elaine

  9. I love the makes on your desk especially the stitching, it looks fab :) Luv Karen xx