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Friday, 23 March 2012


Whilst rambling away on another blog it just occurred to me that it is 30 years this year that I started cross-stitching!
It was November 1982 and I had been dreadfully poorly with quinsies and hubby came home from work one day and asked if I fancied a "little trip" ... Oh bless him, I thought ... he wants to take me away to recouperate and I pictured mugs of hot chocolate whilst sitting snuggled in a blanket and gazing out over the ocean.
It turned out he meant a "little trip" to Dayton, Ohio where his company was sending him for five weeks for a training course.
Being married only 2 years times were hard and we had to borrow the money from my parents in order for me to go too but off we went ... first time flying and quite an adventure.
I was a knitter way back then but couldn't fit needles and wool etc., into our cases so I thought I'd just get something there ... this proved way more difficult than I thought and try as I might I couldn't find anywhere that sold needles and wool!
Hubby used to hire us a car on a Friday (he got a lift into school each day) and he would come and get me from the apartment at lunchtime and drop me off at Dayton Mall where I would wander around all afternoon and then he would pick me up once he was done for the day.
Eventually I stumbled across a cross-stitching shop and began to browse.  I hadn't got a clue in those days, never having even seen a cross-stitch pattern before but I began to hover in the background when little classes were going on and wondered if I would ever be able to give it a go.
I was eventually asked if I would like to join the group but firstly just couldn't afford to and only had a couple of weeks anyway but once I spoke and they realised I was English they offered to teach me for free so long as I kept talking!  They just wanted to hear my accent.
So I picked a chart and the threads and went along each week and learnt how to cross-stitch and it turned out to be a life-long hobby and something I LOVE to do.

This is a dreadful photo of that first project ... it hangs very high up on the wall and I can't reach it to get it down! 

How on earth it can be 30 years ago though is beyond me ... it really seems like only yesterday.


  1. Lovely story, Debbie, to hear how you got going with cross stitching. My story was not quite so exciting. Pam C had been tryint to persuade me to have a go for ages and I had actually bought a couple of small kits to try. However, it was not until I had a really bad attack of vertigo that I actually started. The only thing I could do without feeling really sick was to keep my eyes perfectly still, and I discovered that I could do cross stitch and still keep my head still. I was hooked, and I now have a cupboard full of kits to do when I get time. I think I need to get another Ottlite for working downstairs with a good magnifier as well, then I might get more of those done. Thanks for your comments on my two posts this week. I must get out now and open up the greenhouse and do some more planting. xx Maggie

  2. Debbie, I loved reading your story. Your Plaque looks lovely even though its a wee bitty blurred. Its such a relaxing thing to do as well. I was a British Bear Artist until about 4 years ago when I went through an op on my right hand and now I find its so fiddly I had to give it up, although my younger daughter has tried to take over my web-site. You can see my work on www.wisdombears.co.uk if you'd like a peek. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xx

  3. Time certainly flies so they say Debbie and 30years are gone in a puffff....., loved your story .
    Hugs Elaine

  4. ...it's amazing when we look back and how the simple pleasures we found then are the ones we still seek...loVely memories Debbie...Mel :)

  5. Hi Debbie Just wanted to say thank you for leaving such kind comments on my blog. I have been crafting for 20 years, though various crafting hobbies have always been around me. When younger I was very impatient and kinda lost interest quite quickly. But since my 30's I have to say I have found it relaxing and I am always amazed at how friendly fellow crafters are. Your work is lovely too and I shall pop in to your blog to have a regular gander. Thank You once again and Happy crafting

    Annie :)