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Tuesday 27 March 2012

Okay, okay ... partial success & a Snippet for Pixie

Can report partial success on three fronts ... well, it was three but now I can only remember two of them so will work on those and hope the other one comes back to me!
Firstly - have inky fingers so that can mean only one thing ... I HAVE been crafting today!!!!! And secondly - whilst not being entirely happy with the results I am NOT beating myself up about it and have actually enjoyed playing around all morning.
Started just after my post this morning at around 8.30 and stopped only when daddy came ... he sits eating a slice of something (just plain Victoria sponge this week) or dunking a biscuit and reading my Radio Times and I collect my eggs and milk my goats (just the virtual kind, on Farmville, but needs must!!!)  Have just finished now - so that's very nearly almost five hours of inking and stamping and Vagabonding and bashing yet more brads with the what-was-the-meat-hammer-but-which-is-now-my-brad-basher!
So the question I ask is ... how many snippets does a Pixie Challenge require?  I do believe it is just the one to qualify as a Pixie Snippet so how does 31 grab you?  Yes, you read that right and to make sure you don't think it is a typo I shall spell it in letters ... THIRTY ONE!!!!! 
I knew that somewhere I had sheets and sheets of those silly little 1" square "tiles" that came with my Cosmo Cricket kit but which I had never used because I didn't know what to do with them.  I figured I would make them my snippets this week and the idea of a patchwork effect began to filter through.  
Do you think I can find them?  Can I heck!  I guess I must already have sent them to the charity shop along with a whole load of crafty-stuff I had no intention ever of using ... that will teach me!
Soooooo, I gathered together all my little teeny-weeny bits of paper left and salvaged what I could and cut my own little squares so these cards really and truly are snippets!  31 (still not a typo!!!) on each card and I made three so that is either dedication or utter stupidity.
I thought I had a "cross-stitch" stamp ... again amongst some I have never used, but it turned out to be a zig-zag instead ... so, not quite the effect I wanted but hey-ho, go with the flow Debbie!
Also had a very tatty and crumpled small piece of hessian left over from some project or other and as it isn't large enough to use for sewing (which is what it would have been bought for originally) I argued it also qualifies as a snippet.  With very careful cutting and placing on the die I managed to get almost enough petals to make some flowers ... they are not what I envisaged AT ALL but am still calm and going with the flow here folks.
I chose one of my favourite sentiments and added little keys and, voila! 

Want to know what Pixie's Snippets are all about?  You can check it out HERE


  1. Fabulous flower and tag card Debbie well done hugs Elaine

  2. Oooh I love these - particularly those hessian flowers. I have been doing lots of cutting out for a sewing project today too - now just waiting for my watercoloured piece of calico (dont ask!) to dry....

  3. Well done, Debbie, that is excellent and so much work. You vertainly have been busy and, I hope, Having fun. xx Maggie

  4. One bee and one HUGE wasp this afternoon! I have managed this afternoon to put the sentiment peeloff on those 20 cads from yesterday, so they are done and dusted. See you on WOYWW tomorrow. xx Maggie

  5. Fantastic Debbie, I knew you could do it. Love the whole effect and your hessian flower is wonderful. Hugs Rita xx

  6. OMG! You have done AMAZING snippet work here. Above and beyond the call of duty I reckon! Top of the class.

    I love your hessian flower too. And that zigzag stamp is ACE.

    C'mon it's playtime now . . . I'll race you to the slide. xxx

  7. WOW Debbie, absolutely fabulous work, and I think you now hold the record for the most snippets used on a card. The patchwork and your flowers are absolutely brilliant! As Sarn says, top of the class!! C'mon, do tell where you got that amazing zigzag stamp - just perfect. Talk about hiding your light under a bushel) Di xx

  8. This is stunning Debbie, I just love it all, its gorgeous. Luv Karen xxx

  9. I think we should have a Playground award and you are the first recipient for dedication to snippets! Goodness the effect you have created is stunning, well done. You stamping of the zigzag is so neat, I thought it was stitching at first.

    1. Good heavens I don't know what your were going for but what you created is AMAZING! Simply Stunning cards! Your stamping of the zigzag is unbelievable, I thought it was machine stitched until I read it was stamped.

  10. Amazing card. just love those colours and that stamp is a must have. Trade you 3 glass beads and my best shiny diamond for it!!!!!